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The DataplanServer is the Application-Server (middle tier) for all client software of the JournalSuite (JournalDesigner, JournalViewer and JournalBrowser). Since DataplanServer is a 100% pure Java implementation, based on J2SE/J2EE, it is available for nearly all industrial important operating systems. The DatplanServer requires the availability of a Java 1.6 runtime environment.

The DataplanServer manages the database access, the sessions to the clients and all the business logic. It is expandable via server modules (plugins) to implement additional functionality like interfaces to external systems and other services.


The connection between the clients and the server is a TCP/IP socket connection with 3 socket ports. There are no fileserver mappings or database configurations necessary on the client side. The entire configuration is made by the server.


This manual helps a system administrator to install, configure and maintain a DataplanServer installation.